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Series Models
French Quality at a reasonable price but without any concessions
Available at our resellers and on this website
modèles custom
Custom Models
Tailor-made that suits your expectations
Only available on this website
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a 3D Configurator

MARCEAU GUITARS makes High Quality Guitars and Basses in France

For more than 10 years, our customers trust us and endorse our models for their very high quality in keeping with our clients' needs and expectations


Satisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our instruments are tailor-made to perfectly suit your needs, expectations and budget. MARCEAU GUITARS are around 400 instruments sold by a truly dedicated team.

Series Models

Series and Custom models are customisable with tons of options. They are quickly available at our resellers' at a very affordable price. It's the best bang for the buck!

Custom Models

Custom models have specific features such as neck-through bodies. They are what you've always desired and fully tailor-made! Sold only through MARCEAU GUITARS, on our online shop or at the workshop.

Workshop-made Pickups

MARCEAU GUITARS are making their own pickups at the workshop. They are designed for an optimal result, without any single wrong note. The sound is perfected from the beginning to the end of the production line.

A top-of-the-art Workshop

Every single one of our instruments is made in our top-of-the-art workshop.

Renowned Artists

Professional and renowned artists have been using our instruments for more than 10 years. Passionates, collectors and amateurs alike are all part of the MARCEAU family.


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Some fantastic guitars

Each MARCEAU guitars are made in our workshop in Betton, Brittany, FRANCE. They are made with the highest care and directly benefit from state-of-the-art innovations and advanced technology. Using both modern manufacturing methods and traditional styling, they are the result of the hard work of passionate people.


Fabulous basses

As for the guitars, MARCEAU Basses are made in the same workshop with the very same techniques and passion. Their unique sound and great playability will charm bass lovers.

From the neck-through design on our Custom Shop instruments to the magnetic plate that hides the trussrod wheel at the very last fret, you will love every one of our specialties!

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