Guitar and Bass making based around tradition. customisation. modernity. quality.

MARCEAU GUITARS guitars and basses are instruments made for the demanding and passionate musician: you. When tradition meets modernity.


Music is like a virus that struck me when I was young. I was 8 years old when I held my first guitar and started learning how to play. As far as guitar making is concerned, I fell in love with it when I was a teenager. Indeed, at the age of 15, I was offered an old Squier and the body of the guitar was really a mess. For the first time, I was working on a guitar body to improve it. Working with wood requires hard-work and even though it wasn't easy, I kept on doing it and I truly loved the process.

From there, it really set off and I quickly wanted to make my own instrument from start to finish. The first people who tested it seemed to enjoy what I did and it really strengthened my idea to manufacture guitars as a job and become a luthier. I then did one training in carpentering and a second one in electronics but the idea of being a luthier kept coming back in my head.

In 2008 I met someone who changed my life:  this someone was Lucky Peterson. After he tested one of my guitars at a show, the magic did the trick and he quickly ordered me a signature model the "Lucky Peterson". I'll be always grateful of the trust he put in me when I was only but a begginer in the guitar making business. As the orders kept growing, I took the decision to move in to the North of Rennes and open my workshop the same year. "Marceau Guitars" was born.

Since then, I have often participated in different events such as Le Salon de la Musique in Paris in 2008 or the Musikmesse in Germany in 2009 to put forward my brand.

My ethos sets precision and quality at the heart of my job. I use digital tools and machines to create new models on design softwares and I sometimes put my chisels aside. As such I have a uncommon approach to guitar-making. However, I am convinced I've taken the right path in combining innovation, digital tools and traditional methods at the service of people and music.

Thanks to our expertise and our passion for music, I have now a flourishing business with 3 employees working alongside myself.

The artists I work with are many and they are coming from various and diverse backgrounds, age groups and musical influences. This diversity is part of how I work and I love working with professional musicians and passionate amateurs alike who have a very different job on the side.

As of today we have made around 400 instruments, each one corresponding to a different musician. If you want to know more about some of them, you'll find more information on the Artists webpage.


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