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HF Deluxe

The HF bass has been designed with Hadrien Feraud.

Based on « The Will », it has been adapted to his playing style and tone preferences, but it's not a signature model.

Neck width, string gap and a ramp combined together allow a precise and quick playing.

Base price :

2 990,00 €

Base de guitare


Guitars :
24,75" = Gibson
25" = PRS
25,5" = Fender

Basses :
30", 31", 32", 33" = Short-Scale
34" = Standard
35", 36" = Long-Scale

Chrome : accastillage chrome Black : accastillage noir Gold : accastillage or
Hardtail Guitar : Chevalet fixe Tremolo Guitar : Chevalet vibrato String through body : Chevalet cordes traversantes Individual string bass bridges : Chevalet pontets individuels Piezo : Chevalet Piezo
Base de guitare


Ash : Bois Frêne Maple : Bois Erable Mahogany : Bois Acajou Alder : Bois Aulne Flamed Maple : Bois Erable Ondé
Mahogany : Bois Acajou Ash : Bois Frêne Maple : Bois Erable Flamed Maple : Bois Erable Ondé
Rosewood Pau Ferro : Bois Palissandre Ebony : Bois Ebène Maple : Bois Erable Flamed Maple : Bois Erable Ondé
Base de guitare


Base de guitare


Base de guitare



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